Lexi was our black and white ticked show cocker, who very sadly passed to rainbow bridge in March 2016. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma in April 2015, she had chemotherapy which gave her a new lease of life, and we got an extra precious eleven months with her. In March 2017 we had to make the hard decision to let her go, before she suffered. We had had her since she was eight weeks old, when she was one of the naughtiest, cockerdiles we have ever had, I think she thought her name was no biting for a while! You would never have believed she would have turned into the most loyal, beautiful, calm soul that she did. She was the most in tune dog, you can imagine. Happy to walk miles by your side, or just spend the day sleeping close by. She always knew when someone was unwell or sad and would keep looking to check they were ok. When her human nephew was born, she sat close by him at all times, making sure he was safe. Lexi was a very easy going, sweet natured beauty. We will miss you forever precious girl.