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A couple of weeks ago we found a loose dog whilst out on a walk that followed us. It had a collar but no tag, so we took it to the local vet Animed to get it scanned. Unfortunately the dog was not chipped. We started a social media campaign to find her owner and brought her back home. It was impossible to keep her here for the long term as with four dogs of our own it would be very difficult. After phoning around all of the local vets, rescues and local dog warden we thought that the lovely Staffie cross was going to end up being collected by the warden. Four hours later and starting to lose hope, we had a call from the vets to say the owner was there. The dog, who we now knew her name to be Lola had jumped a fence, and the owner at this point had not realised she was missing. We were all so happy, as was Lola, when her Dad came to collect her, and she ended up going home with a pretty Lulu collar, and instructions to get her chipped asap!

So Wednesday when we came home from an appointment, there was a gorgeous little Jack Russel sitting on our doorstep! Oh no, not again, they seem to keep finding us. This time however after popping him down to the vets he was chipped! Within about 15 minutes he was back in the arms of his very relieved Mum, whose gardener had let him out the back gate. 

All dogs should be micro-chipped, and details and change of ownership must be kept up to date. We hear of so many dogs going missing and even being stolen, it is heartbreaking. One thing we can do as responsible owners is to make sure our dogs are chipped and that they wear a tag. Luckily for these dogs they were reunited but the stories could of ended very differently.


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