We are owned by four gorgeous dogs, two cocker spaniels and one lurcher ,and one mixed breed who are the inspiration for Salt Dog Studios.


Lexi was our black and white ticked show cocker, who very sadly passed to rainbow bridge in March 2016. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma in April 2015, she had chemotherapy which gave her a new lease of life, and we got an extra precious eleven months with her. In March 2017 we had to make the hard decision to let her go, before she suffered. We had had her since she was eight weeks old, when she was one of the naughtiest, cockerdiles we have ever had, I think she thought her name was no biting for a while! You would never have believed she would have turned into the most loyal, beautiful, calm soul that she did. She was the most in tune dog, you can imagine. Happy to walk miles by your side, or just spend the day sleeping close by. She always knew when someone was unwell or sad and would keep looking to check they were ok. When her human nephew was born, she sat close by him at all times, making sure he was safe. Lexi was a very easy going, sweet natured beauty. We will miss you forever precious girl.


Ebony was ten and a black and tan show cocker. Everywhere we went she got stopped because of her unusual eyebrows. I have been asked, and no I do not dye them! We had Ebony since she was eight weeks old. She got me through a lot of tough times, and I would not have been without my angel, my little shadow. Ebony had the gentlest kisses of them all, and one of the waggiest tails you have seen! She was well behaved most of the time, although she did have a serious dislike of black birds!

Ebony was diagnosed with Cushings disease in early 2016. It was well managed with medication, although unfortunately it caused her a few health problems including weight gain. The Cushings disease is was her excuse for being a very greedy girl! Although she was still a very cheery soul, and luckily loved vegetables as a treat. Unfortunately in 2018 she had a rare reaction to the Cushings drugs, and her diagnosis turned from Cushings to Addisons. She had a lovely last year, with two trips to Cornwall, but in January 2019 it became too much and she had a crisis as well as pancreatitis. She was very poorly and I unexpectedly had to say goodbye. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, and my heart still breaks. She will forever be my soul dog.


Maddie is our orange roan, ¾ show and ¼ working cocker, who is twelve. Also known as Princess Madeline she is our beautiful princess, and she knows it! She has more energy than the other two put together, but great fun. A complete water baby, we can’t let her near water or a puddle without knowing she will be coming home for a bath. Since welcoming a human baby brother in September 2015, she has taken on the role of big Sister in her stride. They are now joined by another human baby brother Indhi who was born in 2020. We are very proud of our mud monster. Extremely affectionate in every way, Maddie is our star.


Gracie was our chocolate and tan, show cocker, and sadly passed in January 2022 aged 11. She only came to live with us in her forever home in February 2013. It was by pure chance that she came here, but how lucky were we!! Although scared of a lot of things, she seemed to have complete trust in us, and settled extremely well. In fact we can’t remember life before her. Stunningly beautiful, with a personality to match, we cannot understand how anybody could have not wanted her. She had an ectopic heart beat, that was stable after she came home to us. Unfortunately Gracie had been diagnosed with PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) due to bad breeding, and ended up completely blind. Although she coped very well with help, and loved nothing more than just being cuddled. She also had Cushings disease, the same as Ebony, and was diagnosed just a few months after her. This was controlled well with medication. Gracie (bear bear) taught us an awful lot and is very much missed.


Figgy was born in November 2018 and came home to us in February 2019. She is a black sable cocker spaniel and her nickname has become Figgy Delicous, or Figgylicous. She is an absolute sweetheart, and looks up to Maddie with the most respect. She can often be found laying in what I call a puppy puddle. All four legs splayed out like a puddle. She is also known as floppy dog. We have never had a more soppy and floppy dog, that will literally flop into your arms. Her best friend is Willow, who she plays with pretty much non stop! In 2020 Figgy had twin human sisters join her home, she absolutely thrives being around them and is there upmost protector.


Willow is our lurcher and was also born in November, just ten days older than Figgy. She joined us in February as well, and came from the Dogs Trust. She had been given up because the resident dog didn't like her, lucky for us! She is the first dog we have had that isn't a cocker, and we have absolutely fallen in love with her. She is elegant and beautiful and her nick names are baby long legs or Willamina. She is extremely gentle, affectionate and very very fast! She spends most of the days playing away with Figgy before snuggling up beside her or Maddie. Maddie is her protector. 


Florrie joined us in February 2022, a mixed breed of all sorts from Romania. She is extremely loyal and loving, but only being a puppy still and fairly big she has a lot of energy to burn. She is very smart and we are working hard to train her, and show her not to be scared of everyone. She is coming on leaps and bounds and we are so pleased with her progress. She absolutely adores all of the children around her, although has a tendency to eat their toys. We are looking forward to all of the adventures we are going to have together.

We hope you enjoy the photos below!