Dog Collars


  • Mini 9-13" 5/8" width
  • Extra Small 7-11" 3/4" width
  • Small 3/4" 10-15" 3/4" width
  • Small 1" 10-15" 1" width
  • Medium 14-19" 1" width
  • Large 17-24" 1" width
  • Extra Large 19-29" 1" width

For Dog Collars. If you are unsure place a piece of string around your dogs neck and insert two fingers to make sure it is not too tight. For maximum comfort you will want the size closest to the higher end of the scale. So if your dogs neck is 13" you would order a small, if your dogs neck is 17" you would want a medium. If you have a specific size or are still unsure please contact us and we will make sure we get the right fit. If you do not tell us your dogs neck size we will make it as a standard. All collars come with a standard plastic clip. These are very strong, however if there is another type you would like please contact us!



5/8" width

3/4" width

1" width

All leads are aprox 120cm (including the handle) if you would like longer/shorter or have special requirements please let us know.