Floral Harvest Luxury Dog Collar ©

Floral harvest 100% cotton fabric dog collar, with a webbing core for strength, and lined with burgundy velvet for comfort. Our collar has a very strong burgundy clasp, and a marine 316 A4 grade stainless steel d-ring, which won't ever rust!

Our floral fabric was designed in-house by Lucy, you won't find it anywhere else! A small UK business prints all of our fabrics, and then all collars are handmade by us in the studio.

Collars can be washed in a machine (or hand washed) at 30°, and popped onto a radiator or line to dry.

Clasps for 1” width collars are 1.5” and for ¾” width collars are just over an inch. If you are unsure about sizing you can contact us for help.

 It is important to us that everything we make is durable, sustainable, ethical and vegan.

We use heavy-duty plastic quick-release clips for several reasons. They have been by far the most robust buckles we have ever used, they don't rust and they do not cause allergies. We have a recycling and reuse scheme for customers concerned about using plastic and its effect on the environment.

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